This is (the beginning of) a total health makeover for women who have struggled to find answers, are at a loss, ready to throw in the towel, and have tried it all.

Until now.

There is no program like this.


Because I have spent over a decade coaching women from all over the world from a place of feeling defeated, lost, in deep struggle, and convinced that they were broken with no glimmer of hope.

These women would contact me and, over the phone, would rattle their symptoms off with sadness in their voices, like there was no way I could do anything.

 There was no way I could help.

They had already had labs done, they had already seen every doctor they knew, and they had been told this was all “normal.”

Your 90-Day Regeneration

I have been coaching clients from all over the world about food and health for over a decade. And now, I have put all of what I have seen WORK into an online course for YOU!

Learn from Tanda

A different Script

“tell me about your stress and stress management.”

 “tell me about your food choices, a typical day, like what did you eat yesterday?”

“what do you do for movement?”

“what is your sleep routine?”

“do you do conscious deep breaths?”

“do you drink half your body weight in ounces of water every day?”

 “do you sauna, or sweat every day?’

“do you poop? Every. Single. Day?”

We are not plants, we don’t photosynthesize. We need to consume nutrients from the outside world to build our bodies, and what you eat impacts the function of every cell in your body.
In an inflamed world, let’s make sure mealtime is the anti-inflammatory part of your day.

Meals are medicine.

We will show you how.

It’s estimated that 75-90% of doctor visits are stress related. All chronic health issues are either directly caused by, or directly impacted by stress. Imagine if you could REALLY learn how to handle stress so that it doesn’t handle you.
We will help you identify hidden causes of stress in your life and teach you how old thought patterns are a major contributor.

How movement impacts organ health
Why you may not be getting enough
How to incorporate movement in a healthy, sustainable way.



The impact that chronic stress has on your body
Everyday tools to implement to help the body combat stress
Fun exercises for the health of your nervous system
The reminder that stress isn’t BAD

Mindset and Stress

Six pillars of the course:

Basic Nutrition


The three macronutrients and their roles
Healthy sources vs unhealthy sources of macros
The necessary vital nutrients
The importance of QUALITY over QUANTITY
Our favorite nutrient-dense foods

Movement is Medicne

Hormones are the conductor of the symphony that is your body. When hormones are out of whack, you FEEL it. If your hormones aren’t balanced, healing will be an uphill climb. We will teach you how to work WITH the body so that you, your goals. and your body’s goals are in alignment.

With healthy hormones, you can feel your best and live out your dreams.

Laughter is medicine.

How movement impacts organ health
Why you may not be getting enough
How to incorporate movement in a healthy, sustainable way.

Hormone Balancing




How the body detoxifies
What organs are involved and their roles
Best daily practices to support your detox organs.
Best foods to support your detox organs.

Best ways to support sleep
Healthy happy sleep hygiene
Our favorite resources to help you get the best night's rest.



Without sleep, you cannot heal. Period.
We will teach you how to get the best sleep of your life.
Thank us later.

Sleep is medicine.

What you eat matters!

The integrity of your GUT matters. 
The health and balance of your HORMONES matter. 
Blood sugar balance matters. 
Your DETOX pathways matter. 

And all contribute to weight gain, weight loss, health, and disease.

Give you the tools to transform your relationship with food?

Show you what to eat to ADD health, loose weight, and have more energy?


Take the confusion out of the food conversation?

What if I could...

Your 90-Day Regeneration

A Mind-Body Approach To Healing

 ONE ON ONE coaching calls
6 video modules
Team of wellness experts
Facebook support group
Roots 365 course
Recipe book
Weekly live Q&A calls


Who is this course for?



Dr. Katie Collier is a naturopathic physician who received her undergraduate degree in nutrition from West Chester University in West Chester Pennsylvania and went on to receive her doctorate from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto, Ontario.
Dr. Collier is a food and nutrition expert with a passion for teaching patients how to heal their bodies through food and lifestyle choices. She is a health and lifestyle coach trained in Compassionate Inquiry and has a gift for helping clients heal their relationships with food and make peace with their bodies.

Dr. Cook has a gift for explaining confusing medical terminology and concepts in clearly understood terms empowering her patients to celebrate healthy living through food, lifestyle and choice.

Dr. Tanda Cook received her undergraduate degree from Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, New York and then went on to receive her doctorate from the National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon in 2009.


Meet the team 


Tanda Cook, is a naturopathic physician, a member of the Arbonne International Scientific Advisory Board, regenerative farmer, food expert, published author, international speaker, blogger, as well as a health and lifestyle coach. She is wildly passionate about educating and inspiring people to take steps to add health to their lives.

"You have changed my life. You have helped me grow and understand my way to finding joy."

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- Maggie