Are you confused about what to eat?
Frustrated or lost about what food plan to follow?
Feel stuck in a food rut?
Sick of feeling sick?
Does food stress you out?

creating A healthy relationship with food

The Food Solution
Online Course

I have been coaching clients from all over the world about food and health for over a decade. And now, I have put all of what I have seen WORK into an online course for YOU!

Learn from Tanda

What you eat matters!

The integrity of your GUT matters. 
The health and balance of your HORMONES matter. 
Blood sugar balance matters. 
Your DETOX pathways matter. 

And all contribute to weight gain, weight loss, health, and disease.

Give you the tools to transform your relationship with food?

Show you what to eat to ADD health, loose weight, and have more energy?


Take the confusion out of the food conversation?

What if I could...

It was my own struggle with food that took me on the journey to find what WORKS. I know how this feels. To feel like nothing is working or hitting dead ends.

It was this frustration that lead me to medical school, to ask the questions, to do the research, and to see the clinical evidence.

I have wrestled with an eating disorder, hormone imbalance, gut issues, blood sugar issues, and anxiety.

What I learned has transformed my own health and the health of thousands I have coached.
Now I want to share it with YOU!

A roadmap to feeling BETTER!

This is not a diet

The Food Solution is a deep dive into what I really think about food, 
and the how and why people feel better when following these guidelines.

Our current food paradigm isn’t working.
The conventional approach to food and diets is destroying our health and triggering hormone imbalance, weight gain and chronic disease.

This online class is designed to:

Debunk conventional food myths

Teach what I have seen as the best food plan and choices

Connect you to my food favorite resources and farms

Create a mindset shift around food

Give you the food guidelines that I follow and have worked for my client population

By giving you the WHY and the HOW around food, nutrition, and health you can start to create new beliefs and a transformed relationship with food and your body.

This is the most important aspect of overall health. Most of us are stuck in old patterning, old beliefs, and old stories that are NOT serving us or our health.



Increasing research is showing the importance of gut health and how it impacts the whole body. I will teach you what takes it OUT of balance, and what to do to bring it back IN balance, and HEAL it. 

Gut Health


I will teach you what food choices I have seen work clinically to reverse disease, bring in health and contribute to weight loss goals. I will show you what I eat, what I choose to avoid and why.



Topics of the course:

The goal

The Food Solution

A roadmap to feeling better

90+ minutes of video content
A clear roadmap as to what to eat
An insiders view on what I really think about food
Debunk food myths 
Super fun easy recipes
This is a food confusion-free-zone

One-time Payment

Who is this course for?



"You have changed my life. You have helped me grow and understand my way to finding joy."

Student success

- Maggie

I'm so excited you are preparing to start your health journey!

I want to acknowledge that the subject of food, sadly, has become confusing, frustrating, scary, and overwhelming. This class will ease all of that. I will take you by the hand and guide you through the aisles and teach you what the best choices are for you, your family and your life. I want this to be fun, as food, in my opinion, should be celebrated, enjoyed and add health. Come join me!