Food That Grows bridges the gap from the farm to your table with simple, easy recipes to add health to your family and your life.

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It is the culmination of sixteen years of study, sixty-two years of collective experience, and a million years of evolution all combining together as your personal guide to health and healing. At the most basic, molecular level, we are literally what we eat. We cannot be any other. And so we invite you to embark on a great journey of exploration of what is in your refrigerator, on your plate, and thus in your body. You will discover that this story is about so much more than simply food—it is about being nourished from the inside out free of illness living a healthy life you love!

This book was inspired by the food that is in it. Our passion is to inspire people into a new way of being with food. This book is not about a ‘diet’. This book is the how-to manual to eat real food that creates and sustains true health. You can read this like a cookbook and follow every recipe to the letter, but our intention is to bend your brains into a new way of thinking about food, cooking, eating and how to share it around a table with people that you love. This book will bring consciousness to your grocery lists, your refrigerator, your health, and your life.

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