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Over the decade-plus of coaching people through the struggles with their health, several common questions would arise.

“Tanda, if I’m not losing weight because of my stress levels, how do I decrease them?”

“Dr. Tanda, if I’m cleaning up my diet, doesn’t it make sense to clean up the cleaning products I’m using too? How do I do that?”

“Dr. Cook, I’m struggling when I grocery shop because I don’t know the best products to look for and how. Help?”

“Dr. Tanda, should I be taking supplements, and if so which ones?”

“I just want to get back to the basics, but I feel so overwhelmed. Help!”

“I want to know what YOU do every day. Can you share your routine?”

“I know sleep is important, but I’m caught in a really unhealthy rut and going to bed too late. What do I do?”

In this course, I address all this and more.

Go Back to Basics and Detox Your Life

In this online class, I teach you how to detox your body, your pantry, your fridge, your cleaning supplies, and your mind.

I then give you easy, fun, simple DAILY tools to implement as well as handouts, products, and connect you with companies I love and trust and are supporting a cleaner life.

AND, it's pure education + entertainment.

We will call it edutainment.

This program will have you thinking clearer, living cleaner, and laughing throughout.

This is a self-paced, lifetime access course that will guide you to a cleaner, healthier, calmer, safer, and more joyful life.

Is a whole life detox.

Including grocery swaps, green cleaning supplies and links to my favorite products

This course walks you through your daily routine and making changes for detox and wellness. 

Printable handouts

What's Included

Roots 365

video courses

Guiding you through daily routines, and answering those questions on pantry swaps, stress, supplements.

9 Video Modules

Roots 365 course


Welcome note and set expectations


My Daily Routines for Detox

These are my gold standards for detoxification. These daily routines are based on Eastern Medicine and ancient nutrition and aid the body in letting go of toxicity, strengthening the immune system, improving digestion, helping with liver detoxification, and improving circulation.



Sleep Hygiene

A healthy sleep routine is the key to longevity. It’s when the body heals, restores, repairs regenerates, and detoxifies. So many people struggle in this area and this module, I talk about the importance of sleep and then some solutions and habits for a better night’s rest.


Green Cleaning

I find it odd that there are warning labels on things that are supposed to be CLEANING our home. Many of the ingredients in detergents, shampoos, air fresheners, cleaners, and cosmetics are known to be harmful, toxic, and carcinogenic.
In this module, we talk about what ingredients to avoid, what brands I trust, and even DIY if you want to make your own effective home cleaners with safe, inexpensive ingredients.


Getting in the Kitchen

This has been one of the biggest requests from my patients. This is the HOW TO in the kitchen. There are so many hidden inflammatory ingredients in dressings and sauces, and they are incredibly simple to make. In this module, we get to play in the kitchen, and I’ll show you some of my go-to recipes.


Pantry Swaps

The pantry is a place where lots of inflammatory foods and harmful ingredients live. I’ll walk you through what to avoid and why and show you some great alternatives and swaps for your favorite snacks and staples.


Easy Breakfasts

What you choose for breakfast can either set you up for an energy win for the day or set you up for an inevitable energy crash. In this module, I walk you through some of my favorite ways to start the day. We get in the kitchen for some fantastic 5-minute recipes.


The Truth About Stress

What if I told you stress wasn’t bad? What if I told you we needed it? What if I told you too much of it, without proper resilience, will lead to a diagnosis?
This subject is one of my favorites. It’s also the most important because most of us don’t realize the amount of stress we are under and how much our body is dealing with daily. This chronic exposure to internal and external stressors is like a cheese grater on your body.
This constant cheese grating will end up in disease if we don’t shift our environment.
How do you do that?
We dive deep into this subject, and I give you all the tools you need.


Should I Use Supplements?

One of the most common questions that I get is “should I be supplementing, and if so, then what?”
In this module, I walk you through the answers to both of those questions.

"You have changed my life. You have helped me grow and understand my way to finding joy."

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