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For over a decade I have been gathering information, diving into the research, listening to podcasts, and sticking my nose in books to compile the perfect combination of ancestral medicine blended with the most recent research to bring you one of the most comprehensive courses available.

A look into each week 

Movement is pivotal to human longevity, and in this class, we will be talking with personal trainer and dear friend Deb Peters, a certified health and movement coach, on the subject of the importance of primal movement, what common mistakes people make, and how to add daily movement into your life that you can stick to.

We will also cover the overlooked and under-talked-about subject of REST and RECOVERY. And this is how this crucial piece plays a huge role in weight loss and gain.

We will cover all things food and nutrition.

We will cover food philosophy, the blood sugar conundrum, gut health, and talk about the importance and challenge of intermittent fasting.

Let us take the guesswork out of what to eat. Food has become so confusing and with the amount of allergies, sensitivities, and diseases what the heck should you eat? We will go through how macros (fats, protein, carbs) work in the body, the best choices, and how stress affects digestion, what to do about it., and what to DO to heal your gut.

The nutrient-dense diets that we will teach you are not borne from restriction and fear but from the want to feel our best so that we can live vibrantly, passionately, and soak up all that life has to offer.


February 1, 2023

February 8, 2023

The 7 primal Movements and the importance of
Rest and Recovery

Nutrition 101

The Hormone Balancing Act- The endocrine system 

Week 04

The Essentials of Sleep

Week 03

February 15. 2023

February 22, 2023

In this class, we will give you 8 tips to optimize sleep, as sleep is one of the keys (if not THE key) to longevity and a healthFULL life.
In my years of practice coaching on sleep routine takes priority because of the healing benefits. And yet I have found that many people struggle with this.

We will teach you not only WHY sleep is so important, but we will give you the tools to take to the bedroom.

Questions about hormones are a very close second to food in terms of what people reach out to us for.

And conventional medicine is little to no help with teaching how hormones work, how they get OUT of balance, and then what to DO to help them return to normalcy.

Hormones affect everything. I view the endocrine system as an orchestra and the conductor is the brain. You can’t have a balanced song if you only focus on the trumpets – you have to support ALL the instruments to have a symphony.

How do you do that with the endocrine system?
In this class, we will not only TEACH you we will give you everyday TO DOs that will keep you happy and healthy hormonally.

Hot flashes
Night sweats
Weight gain
Changes in hair, skin, and nails
Digestive issues
Reproductive issues

Horrible periods
Horrible experience through menopause
Hormone replacement therapy
Low libido
Fibrocystic breast

Relief From:

"You have changed my life. You have helped me grow and understand my way to finding joy."

Member Testimonial

- Maggie

This class presentation format is on ZOOM, we have created a private Facebook group where you can post questions at ANYTIME during the 4 weeks, you can private message us a question before, during, or after.

Questions are highly encouraged as well as asking for clarification on things. The worst question is the one NOT asked.
And my promise to you is if we don’t know the answer we will find it out for you.

Monthly Enrollment 

Classes will be held every Wednesday at 12:00 pm EST
Start date: February 1st
End date: Ongoing 2023, join monthly
Platforms: Zoom and a Facebook Live support page
Handouts and Resources available

Attendance and Accountability

This program is designed for YOU to walk away with a very deep understanding of how your body works, how to add health, how to maximize your life, feel your best, and live on PURPOSE.

Oh ya, and to have a GREAT time doing it all.

How do you get all of that? You come to class!

Your attendance for the live classes is highly encouraged and yet I know life happens so if you have to miss the great news is that these will be recorded so you can go back at any time and listen to them.

See you Soon!

Dr. Tanda Cook , ND

Tanda Cook, is a naturopathic physician, a member of the Arbonne International Scientific Advisory Board, regenerative farmer, food expert, published author, international speaker, blogger, as well as a health and lifestyle coach. She is wildly passionate about educating and inspiring people to take steps to add health to their lives
Dr. Cook has a gift for explaining confusing medical terminology and concepts in clearly understood terms empowering her patients to celebrate healthy living through food, lifestyle, and choice.

Dr. Tanda Cook received her undergraduate degree from Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, New York, and then went on to receive her doctorate from the National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon in 2009.

Meet Your Teachers

Dr. Katie Collier, ND

Dr. Katie Collier is a naturopathic physician who received her undergraduate degree in nutrition from West Chester University in West Chester Pennsylvania and went on to receive her doctorate from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto, Ontario.
Dr. Collier is a food and nutrition expert passionate about teaching patients how to heal their bodies through food and lifestyle choices. She is a health and lifestyle coach trained in Compassionate Inquiry and has a gift for helping clients heal their relationships with food and make peace with their bodies. 

"You have changed my life. You have helped me grow and understand my way to finding joy."

Student success

- Maggie

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