Inhale excellence, exhale the weight

Easy Weight Loss Tricks To Loose Ten Pounds In Ten Days


Um. Gotcha. How many of you clicked on this because of the RI-diculous promise of the title?

I want you to go back and read it and really ask yourself WHAT WENT THROUGH YOUR MIND when you read the article title?

And be honest with yourself.

Notice how we get sucked into quick fixes, fast results, bigger, better, thinner, fitter, and reach to the outside world to tell us what and how to do it. And then when it doesn’t work? We get to blame whom?

Right the outside world.

And then we move on to the next quicker, faster, better __ (fill in the blank)__.

True HEALTH is not a game of fast or quick.

Health is a game of consciousness and intuition and following natures laws.

Natures Laws you ask?

What is that?

Great question. And when you follow them, only health will prevail and you wont need to read articles on easy weight loss tricks.

Wink. Wink.

The unspoken laws that exist between Mother Earth and humans that allow us to both thrive together go something like this.

#1 Sleep

Ideally we would sleep for 7-9 hours.

And the only thing that’s actually sleeping at night is our brain. The rest of our body is incredible active repairing, restoring and regenerating. The liver is detoxing, the gut is digesting, the heart is beating, the lungs are breathing, and all the little microtears from the day before triggered by stressors in your life are being patched and healed.

And also ideally it’s in TOTAL DARKNESS.


Well, there is a gland that sits in the center of our brain called the pineal gland. And when this gland is stimulated by ANY sort of light it sends out hormones that we need during the DAY. At night, it’s supposed to go to sleep and allow for the NIGHT time hormones to come out.

Specifically GROWTH HORMONE.

This is the hormone that is busy repairing, restoring and regenerating.

Sleeping with LD lights, nightlights, computers, phones or televisions on will trigger the pineal glad. Even street lamps.

The solution?

Eliminate all light in your room and if you have street lamps or bright lights outside you can get good shades or I sleep with an eye pillow like this one

#2 Breathe

The lungs are one of our organs of elimination, which means they help our body detox (carbon dioxide) and stay at an alkaline state.

Most of us don’t use the full capacity of our lungs to FULLY eliminate. The goal here is to do 100 conscious deep breaths a day.

I’ve had patients of mine write “breathe” on their mirrors, have reminders on their phones and even set alarms to remember to take deep breaths. Full belly breaths where you inhale fully and exhale fully.

The other thing that’s super awesome about breathing is that ANXIETY and DEEP BREATHING cannot exist in the same space. So, if you’re some one who suffers from anxiety once in a while (ahem…yours truly), then deep breathing is key.

#3 Eat

As you all very well know this is my favorite subject.

And I want you to eat.


Whole foods.

Ones that are in the form found in nature, or very close to it.

And to pay attention to your body, listen to what it needs and wants and what’s working for it and what’s not.

Food is super awesome so celebrate it. Eat it. Chew it. Enjoy it. And focus on whole, local, seasonal food whenever possible.

#4 Drink


The rule of thumb is half your body weight in ounces of water per day is what humans should be consuming for health.

Our kidneys are also one of our major detoxing organs so drinking water helps them tremendously.

And what counts as water?

Right. Water.

#5 Eliminate

First we’ll talk about physically.

Ideally you are having one to three bowel movements a day. Support your gastrointestinal track with probiotics, fiber, whole foods, and water.

Then eliminating mentally and emotionally.

Guys, this is SUPER IMPORTANT. Most of us humans live such emotionally incongruent lives.

What I mean by this?

Say you’re a three year old and you’re with your mom grocery shopping. You’re sitting in the cart watching her and she’s angry that the sales have ended and she’s stressed about money and she snaps at you when you ask for something.

Then you watch her go through the checkout line. And the cashier asks, “how are you today Mary?”

And you hear your mother respond with a, “good,” or “fine,” or even a “great.”

Except she’s not. And YOU know that, and SHE knows that, but here she is telling the outside that everything is fine when it really isn’t.

We learn this from a very young age and this does not add health.

This is called being emotionally INCONGRUENT.

Animals don’t speak this. This is why horses and dogs are used in therapy so much. This is why animals are so safe for humans who have emotional struggles and even trauma.

SO, all that being said, and I’m sure ill do a longer post on this one of these days, I just want y’all to PAY ATTENTION to when you’re being emotionally CONGRUENT vs emotionally INCONGRUENT.


#6 Movement

Our bodies are designed to MOVE. We have all these cool pulleys and levers in our joints and muscles that are MADE to do super cool stuff.

Not all creatures are so lucky. Lets pick on the cow.

God designed the cow to EAT. You don’t often see cows frolicking in the fields day in and day out. They are mostly eating. And when they aren’t eating they are laying in the grass chewing their cud…so sort of eating.

They eat for like 8-12 hours a DAY.

That’s what they are DESIGNED to do.

Humans are DESIGNED to move and think.

Notice I didn’t say EXERCISE. We have all sorts of connotations to that word so I want to eliminate them and just say MOVE. I don’t care if that’s going to the gym at 5:00 am, or out riding horses, or going to a climbing gym or swimming.

Just pick your favorite movement and do it. Every day. Please.

Oh, and when you have to walk up those four flights of stairs at work don’t just waaaaaallllkkkkk uuuuuppppp thhhhheeeee ssssttttaaaaiiiirrssss


You catch my drift?

Love me some movement.

#7 Play

Now, along with food this is my other favorite subject…and might be the most important if I had to pick one.

Please. Please. Play.

Whatever this looks like for you. And if you cant remember what you love to do, think of what you loved when you were a kid.

What makes you feel giddy, light, love, happy, joy, and excitement?

And if you still cant think of something, watch kids do it. They are the experts in the field of play.

When I was little I played with toy model farms, Breyer horses, and toy kitchens.

No joke.

Now today, I just have the life size versions.

So doctors orders. Go on out there and play my friends.

And you wont need diet tricks, fast tracks to weight loss, miracle pills or fad diets to solve any problem.

Cuz you, and your super awesome body and mind, had the answers the whole time.

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