Breathe it all in, and love this life

5 Greatest Ways To Celebrate


I wanted to chat about simple, fun, easy ways to celebrate this thing called LIFE.

So many of us humans go through the motions, put one foot in front of the other, we are more focused on surviving, not thriving, and then whoop, one day, we look in the mirror and we are 68 years old (or 40 in my case). We find ourselves saying things like, “where did the time go?” “How did life pass me by?” or “How time flies.”

And while this all may or may not be true, I want to encourage y’all to step back and play a bit.

Breathe it all in.

FEEL this super awesome thing called being HUMAN.

Cuz not gonna lie it’s amazeballs.

And here are some of my favorite “how tos”

#1 Find THAT Person That Makes You Laugh No Matter What

(and hang out with them as much as possible)

You know who I’m talking about right? 

That” person?

The one who can make you smile, laugh, and make light of life?

My two brothers and sister are this for me.

No matter what. Where. When. Who. Why. I DIE with laughter with these three. Till I cry. Till my stomach hurts. Till I can’t take anymore.

Doesn’t matter what’s happening in my life.

Stress or heartbreak or loss or tragedy.

I laugh. A lot.

And it makes me feel alive and loved.

Find those peeps and make sure you hang with them or at least talk to them as much as you can.

It heals the heart and soul.

And a huge thank you my greatest brothers, Ivor and Ryon, and to my beautiful sister, Chapin, my greatest girl.

You’re the bomb.

#2 Buy Fresh Flowers 

They bring all sorts of awesome to your home or work environment. They make me smile. They are eye candy.

They bring in life and color and sweet scents.

They remind me of how extraordinary Mother Nature is and what she is capable of.


#3 Be Spontaneous

I dare ya.

Whatever it is that you think is spontaneous.


(I’m giving you permission)

And if anything it’ll make for a good story.

Whether that’s booking the ticket across the country or the world that you’ve always wanted to. Or taking your kids go-cart racing. Or surprising your husband with Bruins tickets. Or buying scratch tickets as the gas station.

Or have a rando dance party in your living room.


Do it.

You wont regret it I promise.

Oh, and then I wanna hear about it.

#4 Engage ALL Of Your Senses

This is code for BE CONCIOUS.

You engage these on a daily basis but so many of us are unconscious to what we are feeling, tasting, smelling, hearing, seeing, (and intuiting). Please pay attention.

And if you have to do something a little more drastic to wake them up a bit…do.

And to do that?

Refer to #3. Then I wanna hear about it.

#5 Face The Fear

I agree that is phrase is over used…AND, that being said, I want you to do something for me.


  • Go get a pen and paper.
  • Now draw a small circle. 
  • Then about 2 inches away draw another bigger circle.
  • They cannot be touching.
  • In the smaller circle write, “My comfort zone.”
  • Then in the bigger circle write, “Where the MAGIC happens.”
  • And then draw a line between the two and write the word “FEAR”
  • It’s the four-letter “F” word standing in the way of you and your dreams.

Your awesome.

Your LIFE.

And as scary as it can be to face it, bump up against it, feel it…there is ALWAYS super awesome on the other side of it.




Acknowledge it. Face it. Feel it. And push on through.

Because your life is on the other side of it.

(Oh, and I wanna hear about it)

And I’m gonna throw this last one in as a bonus.


Allow Yourself To Fall In Love

Maybe this should be number one.

Fall in love.

With whatever you set your heart too. This is prolly the coolest thing about being a human.

Our ability to love. And love fully.

With people. With animals. With our gifts. With our purpose. With our LIFE.

And if you’ve forgotten?

Remind yourself with remembering what it was you LOVED to do as a kiddo.

Remind yourself with looking into the eyes of the one you married and telling them with ALL YOU heart and all your words that you LOVE THEM.

Remind yourself with looking into the eyes and heart of your child and telling them that NO MATTER WHAT you love them.

Remind yourself with TRULY ACKNOWLEDING your animal companion, that they are with you every step of the way. Every tail wag, every meow, every whinny.

Remind yourself with surrounding YOU and your life with things that fill you.

Things that GIVE YOU energy.

Not take it away.

And a big cheers to celebrating life.

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