From what I eat, to what I do

8 daily habits of a naturopathic foodie



I meditate

I started doing this a year and a half ago and the only words I can think of to describe what it has done is this

Its created SPACE

I feel like I have more space in my life. More breath. More calm. More room for reactions. More grace. More trust in God, Universe, Source.

Ya, just space.

I tell my patients, and you, that this should (yes I’m “shoulidng” on you) be like brushing your teeth. And it doesn’t have to be an hour a day. Start with 3 min.


And don’t STOP.

Your brain, nervous system, heart, and connection to your higher being depend on it.


I move my body

I don’t focus on EXERCISE I focus on mooooooving.

The number one movement associated with longevity is WALKING, and the cool thing about walking…its FREE!

I typically take my pup on a four mile loop, or ride, or run, or play, or fix fence, or stack hay or…you get to get creative here.

OR go to the gym if that rings your chimes.


I drink lemon water

k, I’m gonna be honest here. I don’t like water. I think its kinda boring, but when I add citrus it’s a whole different story. I fall in love with it.

So not only does adding lemons to my water add eye appeal, but it makes it taste super awesome so I actually drink the stuff.

And lemons are one of the livers favorite foods. The citrus helps the liver detox and flush toxicity out of the body.

So we’re winning all ‘round.


I cook food

I love eating out. I love restaurants. I love farm to table eateries.

And yet cooking is my jam.

And I get that I might be an anomaly, and yet, I would LOVE to inspite people to get a bit out of their comfort zones and cook a bit more.

Play in the kitchen a bit more.

Rock out to tunes while you do, a bit more.

And eat food that YOU prepared, a bit more.

It pays off with the health of your body.


I give my face an ice bath

I read about this on the Skinny Confidential did it one day out of curiosity and haven’t stopped since.

(almost) Every morning, whether I shower or not, I dunk my face in a bowl full of ice water.


Well, it wakes you up to start, but also, when the body is exposed to COLD everything vasoconstricts (tightens up) so if you have issues with puffy eyes,  (as I did for a month after Miss Dell passed) it reduces the puffiness instantaneously.

Don’t believe me? Go try for yourself.


I drink apple cider vinegar in the morning

I just heard some of you groan with this one. This is one of the best tricks in the book. I drink apple cider vinegar straight outta the bottle right after I brush my teeth, I feed the dogs and then I make breakfast.


Welp, apple cider vinegar is great for many things, but in the case what its doing is “waking” my stomach up and preparing all the gastric juices for food so I can digest properly.

We digest PROTEINS in our stomach and need the proper acid and enzymes to break it down. When our stomachs are turned “off” do to stress levels, the food choices we are making, not chewing our food etc, and then we dump a bunch of protein in it the stomach cant break it down and then many of us get acid reflux because of it and then we take an ANTIacid.

Grrrrr, this makes me bananas. Think about this…if we NEED acid to break down protein then why are we taking ANTIacids????

It makes NO SENSE. Most likely what’s going on is that you have TOO LITTLE acid in your stomach and the food is just sitting there fermenting causing burning in your esophagus.

We need to focus on turning the natural acid back on so you can properly digest your food and feel awesome.

So try the vinegar.

I drink about a tablespoon straight outta the bottle. But I’m weird. So for those of you who are beginners, try putting some in a little water.

And if it BURNS it most likely means your stomach is inflamed. No worries, just good information. So instead of DRINKING the ACV just smell it for a few weeks before you try again to drink it.


I heart kombucha

I friggin LOVE this stuff. Kombucha is a fermented tea made with a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast called a starter or mother or scoby. It is full of BENEFICIAL bacteria (aka probiotics) and is super good for our gut health and immune system (here’s why).

I discovered it in medical school and have been addicted ever since. My favorite brand is G.T.’s (pictured above) and I’ve also made my own. The “starters” look like something from another planet and freak some people out, but I encourage you to try either the store bought versions or making a batch yourself.

(this is the “starter”)

Kombucha tastes a bit vinegary and I’ve even used it in place of vinegar with making homemade dressings.

It’s the bomb, really go try it.


I play

Most of you who know me would agree that I’m really a large 5 year old. I never lost the ability to imagine, play, make up games, jump on beds, and laugh til my sides hurt almost daily.

The cool thing is…neither did you. Most of you have just forgotten.

This is the #1 thing you can do to add HEALTH to your body and your life.

When I ask people what they do to play and they cant answer me, I ask them what they loved to do as a kiddo. Get in touch with THAT.

When I was a kid I had no interest in Barbie, I had model horses and barns and big toy farms with tiny cows and pigs and horses. I played outside pretending I had my very own horse to ride.

I would also dream of being a veterinarian, and I get that that didn’t happen, but the rest is pretty spot on.

I’m giving you permission to get in touch with your inner kid.

So go play. It’s the best thing you can do.

Doctor’s orders.

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