Enjoy ringing in the New Year

Your Holiday Sur-THRIVE-al Guide


As I sit here and write this I’m watching fluffy snowflakes fall out my window and feeling so filled with love for the holidays.  This is one of the greatest times of year. I get to play with the animals, put food up for the winter and cook lots of broths and stews while obviously listening to copious amounts of Christmas music (I may or may not have already begun).

And I was playing on the internet and all these “holiday survival guides” were popping up and I thought, huh, if this is supposed to be such a super awesome time of year why is it made out to be something we have to “survive?”

Soooooo, logically I thought I’d share some ideas with you about how to really THRIVE this holiday season, have fun with the fam, enjoy the food and ring in the new year with a big ol’ smile.



I want you to take 30 seconds and WRITE DOWN what is really important to you over the holidays. Is it seeing family? Is it buying the perfect gift for your kiddo? Is it traveling? Is it to be home?

List it. Post it. Keep going back to it when you feel anxious of off course.


Destress With Aromatherapy

Whatever this is for you do it. A lot of it. Take a bath with chamomile or lavender. Light candles around the house. Get an aromatherapy diffuser. Pleasant smells light up parts of the brain that relax and calm. Fill your house with apple and pumpkin and pine and cinnamon and cloves.

Your brain will thank you.


Take Your Vits

Because stress at any time in our life depletes the body of essential nutrients as well and not optimal food choices its super important to be feeding your body the vitamins and nutrients that it needs.

What are my favs?

Vitamin D

B complex

Omega 3




Your body will thank you.


Eat Your Fiber

Most of us don’t eat enough fiber year-round, so its super important to up it during the holidays.

  1. Because it helps keep you regular
  2. Because it makes you feel fuller so you don’t over eat
  3. It feeds the beneficial bacteria in our gut and they help keep our immune system healthy.
  4. Because it comes in super awesome tasting food like veggies and fruit.


Play The Grateful Game

This is a game I have been playing around our table everyday for that past four years. Whether it’s just two of us or there’s forty of us. And everyone who has eaten at my house knows this by now.

What it is?

It’s super easy.

When you’re done eating ask whomever you’re sitting with what they are grateful for. Go around the table and let everyone answer that question.

And the answers are extraordinary. It brings people to the present. It brings people together. It brings relationships to new levels. And it’s a window into the world of where your table guests are in their life.

You wont regret it. I have a chalkboard picture frame on the table where that question is written as a reminder to us all.

Your heart will thank you.

Happy holidays to you all. 

Much love.

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