Tips for a Balanced Mind, Balanced Body While Traveling

7 Traveling Tips From Yours Truly


So I travel. A lot. And by a lot I mean in the next ten days I will have hit five states, three time zones and twelve airports.

So I was thinking the other day that I would give you guys the insiders view of how I stay healthy, balanced and, above all, sane.

#1 I Keep A Routine

I’m kind of a routine freak. You know those habits I just posted about (see here), ya I do those EVERY DAY. So as much as I can keep my routine around healthy habits when I travel I make sure to do it. That means keeping a relatively normal eating schedule, staying hydrated, sleeping enough (7-9 hours if I can), and taking my supplements.

AND I just about died when I was walking through the Minneapolis airport and I found Kombucha.

You’d better believe I try and fly through that airport as much as I can.

#2 Travel Size Me

Another part of my routine is my personal care products. And I don’t do well when I have to compromise. So I invest in the mini-me’s so I can stay consistent with my skin and hair.

I know, so tuff being female.

#3 I Drink Herbal Tea

This one is a must. As I said before, in my last post (see here) I don’t really like water, so herbal teas are a great way for me to stay hydrated. And most of the flights outta Bozeman are at the  @$$ crack of dawn so its also a nice thing to drink on the way to the airport.

And then I take tea bags through security and grab and hot cup of water from a barista on the other side. They might charge you, and please be nice about it…they are just doing their job.

#4 I Eat Protein

this keeps me full, my blood sugar stable and my mind sharp. I usually have hard boiled eggs, or a protein shake, or protein bars. My favs are Arbonnes…they are the bomb.

#5 I Take My Supplements With Me

Along with the routine thing, this not only keeps me and my body in the same routine as if I were home, it also helps support my body through the stress of traveling. I have “pill” forms of everything I take like fish oil, the B vitamins, and calcium/magnesium.

#6 I Invested In Good Luggage

Well, lets be honest, my MOTHER invested in good luggage for me cuz she was sick of me complaining about the last set I had. I have Samsonite and its SUPER light, packs a TON (I rarely have to check a bag which save money and time), its got swively rollers that makes maneuvering in the bathrooms and around shops and escalators super easy. Plus is a super cute purple so I can identify it easily.

#7 I Always Have Something To Look Forward To

This is my favorite part. I either get fun food and cooking magazines or cookbooks to read (I know I’m a little obsessed) where I spend the hours on the plane with a pen scribbling wildly, circling ideas and recipes and getting so excited to try them out.

Or I bring note cards and write handwritten thank you letters or just random I-love-you-and-you’re-awesome letters to friends and family to send when I find the nearest post office.

OR, I download fun and fluffy movies to watch like Frozen or Bridesmaids or Sea Biscuit. And then I stick in my headphones and giggle or cry depending on my mood. And then I have to borrow tissues from the peeps sitting next to me.

Ya, that’s happened.

Thoughts or comments?

Bon Voyage

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