Wahoo! I’m so excited and honored to dive into the health conversation with you. The topics of health, wellness, disease, diet, lifestyle, and exercise can be super confusing, overwhelming and frustrating. I’m here to say they don’t have to be. And I promise to take the confusion out. I struggled for years with my own health, battling anxiety, my tumultuous relationship with food, acne, hormonal issues, and IBS. It was through naturopathic medicine, food and mindset coaching that I was able to find a life with balance, joy and strength. And I know this is possible for you. I will share with you all the tools, modalities, recipes, and knowledge that got me to a place of healing and they will get YOU there too. How do I know that? Because after more than a decade of coaching patients and clients I have developed a CLEAR ROADMAP to unfold what ISNT working in your life and discover and take HOLD of what IS. And it will be fun. Thank you for finding me. And thank you for trusting me to guide you into health and a life you love.

I'm so excited you are preparing to start your health journey!

- Robert Urich

“A healthy outside starts from the inside.”

Your Guide to Healing

Simple Daily Steps to Live Your Best Life

My Go-To Tools for Optimal Health

Knowledge from a Licensed Doctor

We as westerners tend to over complicate, over think, and overlook basic ways to add health and to help the body heal. We also think that we have to go to extremes or spend a lot of money on supplements or programs or memberships.

I'm here to tell you you don't. There are SO many things you can do on a daily basis that are (mostly) free, simple and make a HUGE difference when done consistently.

What I'm about to share with you is really about following natures laws, going back to the basics of human health, and every one of these steps sets your body and mind up to win.

key steps to start your journey

10 steps towards health you can take RIGHT NOW

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Early on in my healing from an eating disorder I longed for the results of being healthy, but they seemed so far away and unattainable. Things like having a healthy relationship with food, clear skin, clear mind, joy, boundless energy and then the big one for me…longevity are what helped me heal. It took time, consistency, accountability, diligence and a COACH. That's why I'm here! We'll do it together.

Change today to live tomorrow

Key benefits of healthy living


Clear mind and focus

Through food choices, movement, meditation, and hormone balancing brain fog caused by a poor gut microbiome or an overcompensating nervous system will lift and focus and clarity become your new normal.


Healthy relationship with food

Living life with off limit or “cheat” foods is exhausting. When you choose health day in and day out and your body is getting the nutrients it needs your relationship with food begins to change.


Bountiful Energy

Hormones and the health of your thyroid and your adrenals are pivotal in feeling good throughout the day. Even more than that, life purpose. Your view of your job, relationships or environments can give or take away life.


Joy and satisfaction

Joy is an emotion that you can only experience in the present moment. The more your life becomes aligned the more joy you will experience. Studies show that joy increases immune cells and "the feel good" hormones.



Longevity doesn’t come in a prescription bottle or a Cheerios box claiming heart health. It comes in the everyday living, the everyday choices, and the everyday ways to add health through movement, food, meditation, sleep, breath, happiness and life purpose.

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